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Below you will find agendas, abstract booklets and downloadable presentations from previous years' conferences, where available.

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18th ICSB - April 9th - 12th 2018

  • Agenda (includes speaker bios and abstracts, click to download)
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  • Daily agenda with downloadable presentations
    Session 11: "International Perspectives on Botanical Research" - OCC AuditoriumModerator and Session Chair: Stefan Gafner, Chief Science Officer, American Botanical Council
    Jon Wardle, Senior Lecturer Public Health, University of Technology Sydney; Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine "Trends in natural product regulation: developments from Australia and the growing translation between science and traditional claims" - click to download
    10:00 - 10:30 | Break

    Session 12a: "Regulatory Aspects of Botanicals" - OCC Auditorium Moderator and Session Chair: Jinhui Dou, Vice Dean, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    Charles Wu, Botanical Review Team Lead (Acting), FDA/CDER/OPQ-IO "Challenge and Opportunity of Botanical Drug Product Approval in the U.S. -the FDA’s Perspective"
    Yue Hua Zhou, Deputy Office Director, Office of Traditional Chinese Medicines, CDE, CFDA "TBA"

    Session 12b: "DNA Authentications" - OCC Magnolia Moderator and Session Chair: Sarah Handy, Research Biologist, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    Pang-Chui Shaw, Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong "Authentication and quality control of concentrated herbal medicine granules by molecular technology"
    David Erickson, Founder & CEO, DNA4 Technologies LLC "Genome2-ID: A bioinformatic tool for unbiased and rapid species identification using genomic scale Next Generation Sequencing data"
    Iffat Parveen, Research Scientist, University of Mississippi "Family-specific DNA Mini-barcodes for Identification of Botanicals"
    Santhosh Kumar J.U., Graduate Student, Kuvempu University "DNA barcoding of Momordica species and assessment of adulteration in Momordica herbal products, an anti-diabetic drug"
    12:10 - 1:10 | Lunch

    Session 13: "Tools To Assess The Quality" - OCC Auditorium Moderator and Session Chair: John Travis, Senior Research Scientist, NSF International
    Michael Repka, Director Of The PII Center For Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Mississippi "Critical Issues in the Development of Tablets and Capsules"
    Jack Henion, Scientific Founder, Advion "LC/MS Analysis of Cannabis-Samples for Cannabinoids and Pesticides Compounds Employing a Compact Mass Spectrometer"
    Phil Wylie, Sr. Research Scientist, Agilent Technologies "The Next Chapter in the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis using GC/Q-TOF Instrumentation"
    Giorgis Isaac, Principal Scientist, Waters "Authentication of Botanicals and Herbal Products Using UPLC/Ion Mobility QTof-MS and a Metabolomics Approach"
    Maged Sharaf, Chair Advisory Board & Director, CAMAG Scientific Inc. "The International HPTLC Association"
    Shi Qiu, Post-Doctoral Associate, University of Mississippi "Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography─high resolution mass spectrometry guided characterization of new fusaricidins from Paenibacillus sp. MS 2379"
    Mohammad Kamil, Professor, Zayed Complex for Herbal Research & Traditional Medicine "Good Medicinal Plants Practices (GMPP) -Assuring Safety, Efficacy, and Quality of Botanical Products – From Field to Firm"
    Afternoon tour of NCNPR facilities or Medicinal Plant Garden.

    6:30pm | Closing Ceremony and Banquet - OCC Cedar

    Our closing ceremony, including a wonderful plated dinner, poster awards, and a closing presentation by Dr. Ikhlas Khan.

    Registration is required and is available online and onsite.

    Closing Ceremony and Banquet

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16th Annual International Conference on the Science of Botanicals (ICSB) & 5th Interim American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP)
April 11th - 14th, 2016